Avengers Assemble!

The Avengers Movie PosterSo today I went to watch The Avengers and it was AWESOME!

If I’m honest I wasn’t expecting much from it, after watching Captain America and Thor (the former in particular) I thought it could go pretty badly. Oh, how wrong I was. A brilliant film for anybody to watch which clearly showed today; for the first time whilst in Hull, I actually had to join a queue to get into the screen! It was a sell out showing which was pretty great, especially during the jokey moments throughout the film, (of which there was just the right amount) when there were roars of laughter.

I won’t say much else except: stay for an extra couple of minutes at the end to see the “SUPER AWESOME FANTASTIC SPECIAL ENDING” thing. Don’t bother sitting through the whole credits after the little clip though, you won’t find anything there, get out and get first dibs on the toilets.

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