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Ninite – Your new best tertiary friend.

Screenshot of Ninite in action.Tertiary friends are tertiary for a reason, they have their benefits but you don’t need them around all the time.

Today I decided to do a clean install of Windows on my laptop, to start from scratch, as it’s been running like crap. Whilst waiting around for it to finish doing its business I had a little browse on reddit, where I found a nice little thread full of cool computer tips and tricks. I recommend anyone reading to check it out, no matter how much you know about computers I’ll guarantee you’ll find something useful there. I did. I found out about Ninite¬†which is a great service which will install/update the most popular freeware programs for you. Continue reading

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Spanish Grand Prix Preview

Today is a great day for sports fans, the deciding day of the Premier League title and also Grand Prix day! Being a bigger fan of F1 than of football, I’m looking forward to the latter more, but I will still be flicking between the two Manchester games when they’re on. (For the record I’m a Manchester United fan, haters gonna hate?)

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Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in awesome comic book style!

The other day we (me and my girlfriend) went out into Hull, mainly to have a look around and get out of the house. I didn’t have any plans on buying anything, not even any sexy looking DVDs I might see. Well, my plans didn’t turn out very well because I ended up buying THESE BEAUTIES:


I think you’ll agree… it was ten pounds well spent. Continue reading

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