Spanish Grand Prix Preview

Today is a great day for sports fans, the deciding day of the Premier League title and also Grand Prix day! Being a bigger fan of F1 than of football, I’m looking forward to the latter more, but I will still be flicking between the two Manchester games when they’re on. (For the record I’m a Manchester United fan, haters gonna hate?)

So, as I’m typing this there’s only around 20minutes until the Grand Prix starts. Yesterday’s qualifying was great, this season has been giving us many surprising results and we weren’t disappointed yesterday either. Being a big McLaren and Lewis Hamilton fan, I was really annoyed about him getting stripped of his pole position, just because of  some stupid “mistake” the team made. In my opinion, they should have just wiped the qualifying lap that earned him pole, and kept his previous time which would have had him in 6th place. But anyway, us Lewis fans have gotten used to this apparent bullying towards Lewis, now we can watch him fly through the back of the field and probably still get a decent top 10 finish.

The current grid lineup is:

  1. Maldonado
  2. Alonso
  3. Grosjean
  4. Raikkonen
  5. Perez

Full grid lineup

Alonso is a great starter, and so I’m expecting him to get ahead of Maldonado by the end of the first lap. (In fact I’m hoping for it, I have a bet on ;)) I personally hope that Kimi wins the race, he’s easily capable of it and the lotus is great in race trim.

My top 3 race prediction:

  1. Raikkonen
  2. Fernando Alonso
  3. Grosjean
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