Ninite – Your new best tertiary friend.

Screenshot of Ninite in action.Tertiary friends are tertiary for a reason, they have their benefits but you don’t need them around all the time.

Today I decided to do a clean install of Windows on my laptop, to start from scratch, as it’s been running like crap. Whilst waiting around for it to finish doing its business I had a little browse on reddit, where I found a nice little thread full of cool computer tips and tricks. I recommend anyone reading to check it out, no matter how much you know about computers I’ll guarantee you’ll find something useful there. I did. I found out about Ninite which is a great service which will install/update the most popular freeware programs for you.

The service will automatically deal with all the “Next, Next, Next” for you and also make sure any toolbars, or other “extras” that installers offer, do not get installed. It does all this in the background, all you see is a status window as seen above. It really is great, saved me a bunch of time. It has the most popular freeware on there, all you do is go to the site, check the software you want to install and then click “Get Installer”. Run the .exe that is downloaded and bish bash bosh, you’ll have all your beloved freeware in no time.

Even better still, if you keep hold of the .exe (or just get a new one when you want) you can run it again every couple of weeks or so; it will automatically update the software for you.

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One thought on “Ninite – Your new best tertiary friend.

  1. arjun says:

    that app is awesome, I’ve been using that for quite a while. They’ve also got a program which updates all your software for you but its got a yearly sub. It does allow for multiple users and I gotta be honest, I was tempted just by that so my dad wouldnt get so confused by a java update… Those things are annoying…

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