I’ve been awarded something!

A few days ago I posted about receiving my second year results and, safe to say, I did pretty well. So today I wake up to find a letter at the bottom of the stairs, addressed to me, bearing the Department of Computer Science stamp on the back. I just thought this would be a letter to confirm the results I had already collected online, or maybe just a letter saying “Well done you! Give yourself a pat on the back and eat some cake, you deserved it!” which was almost right I suppose. The letter was actually informing me that the Board of Examiners in Computer Science recommended that I be awarded the G B Cook Prize in Computing for Outstanding performance in the Diploma Stage. It’s nice to be rewarded for so much hard work, in my High School it was mostly the troublesome kids that got rewarded for not being troublesome for once; people like me who were never any trouble were rarely rewarded.

I also get a nice £100 credited to my bank account which will be really helpful for my upcoming holiday.

I wasn’t even aware of such a reward, but I’d like to thank Warren Viant (Head of Department) and whoever else was involved in awarding me this prize, Thank You!

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